Hello, Welcome to Sponge!

A place for you to create your very own online rental business.

About us

Sponge was an idea created in 2016 and brought to life in 2020. It was designed for the everyday person to capitalize and make an extra dollar on items they already owned.

The concept is about bringing a community together to utilize the things they have, all while helping out a neighbour in need. With the world rapidly changing we thought Sponge would be the perfect opportunity to start your own rental company, no start up cost, no overhead, no employees.

And also to help those who are requiring items temporarily, to save them the hassle of making large unnecessary purchases.

Rent it out!

Do you need help paying off that trailer you just bought, because work is slow? Well perfect, now you can rent it out, on your terms.

Or maybe you’re a single mom who doesn't have a snow blower and no one to help shovel the driveway, now you can rent one at your convience without spending a large sum of money on a purchase you only use part of the year.


List your items!

Simply, list items you currently have that you would like to rent out examples: Trailers, Tents, Halloween Costumes, Snow Blowers, Ladders, Chainsaws, Quads, Bikes, Fitness Equipment, Boats, Wedding decor... just to name a few.

There are endless opportunities on things you might take for granted but that someone else will be so grateful they do not have to go out and purchase.


Become a PRO!

We are excited to offer The PRO USER account, with the ability to create ads with more photos, unlimited postings and your very own store name with a Pro badge for professional authentication.

Sponge cares about its users so we are not taking any percentage of your rentals. Everything is taken care of between you and the renter and the funds are 100% your income.

Pro User is $9.95 a Month.

So sign up, list your items and see what we are all about!
Seriously, Sponge It.