Frequently Asked Questions

What should I list to rent?

That is the great thing about Sponge, YOU can rent whatever you are comfortable with. Creating your own rental business with items you already own should be easy and convenient for you to make a profit. Just look around your home or garage or yard and think… is this an item that someone might not have and I am willing to lend them? (tools, ladders, chainsaw, skates, sleds, snowmobile, tent, dog kennel, venue, wedding dress, Halloween costume, cooler, farm equipment, surfboard, bicycle, boat, the list goes on and on)


Find out more about our rental guidelines here

How will I get paid?

This is an agreement made between you and the person renting your item. You can decide on cash, e-transfer or cheque, whichever works best for you. Make sure to list your requirements on your item. If you would like a damage deposit and what the protocol is for renting from you.

What do I do about Insurance?

Sponge does not provide any sort of insurance or coverage; you must do your due diligence with your insurance company to see if your rental is covered for being rented out. If you do not have insurance, it is up to you to get some for the items you are renting.

What is the minimum and maximum dollar amount I am allowed to rent out?

This is to be done at your discretion, if you want to rent an item for $5/day you are more then welcome too. (Example: If you are renting an expensive item and want to rent it for $300/Day then please do.) This is your rental business, the products and pricing are up to you. We do recommend checking on other items similar to yours to stay within in price range so that your item is getting rented, however this is only a recommendation, all choices being made are 100% yours.

What is a pick up and drop off inspection?

This is an inspection that should be done between the owner and the renter before the item is released to the renter. Pick up inspection should conclude of the owner going over the item, ensuring the renter knows how it works, both agreeing on the condition of the item, reviewing damages, taking photos and singing any required documents.
The drop off inspection should conclude again, the renter going over the item with the owner to ensure the item is in proper condition, both agreeing on the condition, taking photos if necessary, getting the damage deposit back (if one was required) and signing any release documents if required.