Rental Guidelines

Here are some tips and tricks for you to create the upmost
professional and safe rental business.

Sponge is in no way liable or in control of your business.
How you operate and run your transactions, pick-ups, drop offs and inspections is completely up to you.

Create an Agreement document for you and the renter to sign

  • A document stating what is being rented out.
  • The date of pick up and drop off
  • The amount owed.
  • The damages (if there are any before hand)
  • What will happen if the item is returned damaged
  • The protocol if there is a damage deposit
  • Where they are taking the item & to ensure they are not subleasing it out
  • Their personal information such as Phone Number, Address, Full Name, for larger items you could take a photo of their drivers license and license plate (write down their type of vehicle)
  • Make sure they sign the document and you sign the document also if there is a third party available have them sign as a witness
  • Take photos of the item before it is being rented and agree on the condition of the item before you release it.
  • Any other terms or requirements you request should be listed on the rental agreement so the renter clearly understands
  • A check list to ensure the user knows how to operate or use the item properly and safely

Pick Up & Drop Off

  • Create a safe place to pick up and drop off your rental items. You can make sure that you always bring someone with you for your safety.
  • Stay in a public place, preferably in day light.
  • Let someone know when you are going to pick up or drop off an item for rent and the approximate time you should be gone
  • Make sure your renter signs any documents; you take your necessary information and photos before giving the renter your item.
  • Confirm the drop off time and location and contact information before releasing your item.


  • Make sure you inspect your item and review it before the renter takes it. Show them that the item is in working condition, if there is anything they need to be aware of or do a certain way.
  • When the item is returned confirm that the item still works properly and that it is in the same condition
  • Make sure to check everything and do your due diligence it is your responsibility to make sure your rentals return in good condition.
  • You can review photos if you are unsure of damage (this is why it is important to document everything, write it down and sign it together)
  • Be open and communicate with one another you want your customers to return and you want them to refer you and your items to maximize your profit.